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Tax, Currency and Other Regulatory Services

Tax planning for local and foreign legal entities. This includes, but is not limited to advice
and assistance in the following areas, including assistance in negotiations with the relevant
taxation authorities:

Corporate Tax
Payroll taxes
Value Added Tax
Withholding Taxes
Customs & Excise Duties
Dividend distribution
Road Fund taxes
Property Tax

Advice and assistance with foreign currency operations of resident and non-resident entities,
including the following topics:

Foreign currency Laws and Regulations
Equity positions taken by Foreign Legal Entities and physical persons
in domestic entities
Foreign currency equity contributions by non-resident
Profit repatriation by non-resident individuals and companies

We regard compliance work as a vital stage in the process of ensuring that careful tax
planning is translated into original tax cost.

By monitoring payroll systems and other accounting application, we can help to ensure compliance with all the applicable domestic regulations.

All companies are subject to periodic audits by the tax authorities. This has
created major problems for some companies for seemingly minor issues of
compliance. We at Forum have stuff experienced in statutory compliance issues
and are able to offer "pre-tax audit reviews". These reviews can identify
possible problems before they arise and enable corrective action to be taken
before it is too late

We also provide assistance in preparing and filing of all the relevant year-end tax
declarations and tax returns with appropriate tax authorities.



Moore Stephens

Our partner, Moore Stephens Azerbaijan is a member of Moore Stephens International, a network of 335 independent firms with 593 representative offices and some 17,500 people across 93 countries.


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